Transaction canceled.

No beer for your friend?


You should get an email in the next few minutes with the details. Can't wait to see your friend (and maybe you too) out at our shows, beer in hand.

we're going on our biggest tour ever!
And we got to thinking.

One of the great things about touring is that we get to see our friends from all over the country. A lot of people don't get that chance… but maybe we can offer you the next best thing:

You could buy your friend a beer at any YOYA show on our tour!

You might be miles apart, but on an evening in #yovember you could both be holding a pint glass in a weird dive bar, hearing the same guys play the same songs. So go ahead,

Buy your friend a beer

Wait… how does this work?

  1. You paypal us $8 (no account required)
  2. We send you and your friend an email explaining the deal
  3. They come to the yOya show in their city, and tap us on the shoulder
  4. We buy them a beer with your $$, and probably send you a photo
  5. The world gets a little brighter

But what if they don't show up?

Then we get $8 gas money. Thanks!

Why $8?

Ought to be enough for a decent beer plus tip.